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The Alternative Story

There is an alternative to the official story that points to people within the United States Federal Government.  The basic elements include the following:

  • Multiple investigations into terror cells were disrupted due to corruption within several Federal agencies.
    • Possible drug trafficking may have been involved.
    • Possible money laundering may have been involved.
  • The Bush Administration frustrated any investigations into the possibility of attacks in lower Manhattan in September 2001.
    • George Walker Bush, according to Greg Palast, renewed Executive Order W199I, which was originally signed by Bill Clinton during the Clinton Administration's time in the White House.
    • Robert Wright saw his investigation into terror cells ended abrubtly.  He was once quoted as saying, "...the Bush's vacation with the bin Ladens."
    • David Schippers, who was the head of the committee that attempted to impeach Bill Clinton, tried to warn then-Attorney General John Ashcroft that there was going to be an attack in lower Manhattan.  He was blown off!
  • There was an indication of insurance fraud as well.
    • Larry Silverstein, who owned the entire complex was quoted as saying, "....maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it..." concerning the collapse of Building #7.  He actually received more money from the insurance company on the grounds that each building was a separate attack.
  • Environmental fraud may have been committed against New Yorkers:
    • The buildings contained asbestos, but what other people who dismiss the asbestos do not mention include:
      • Radioactive substances in all the smoke detectors.
      • Lead from the large computers.
      • Other exotic metals from computer components.
      • Broken glass.
      • Concrete.
      • Other materials from other equipment, such as computer monitors, etc...
  • Where was the plane that hit the Pentagon:
    • Evidence indicates that there was no commercial ariliner hitting the Pentagon at all.
    • The initial hole is too small for a Boeing 757.
  • The two planes that hit the Twin Towers may have been military aircraft.
  • The buildings actually fell as a result of a Controlled Demolition.

The above is a summary of  the alternative story.  As more and more information is gathered, this section will be updated.

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