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The Official Story

In all essence, the official story consists of the following elemenst:

  • 19 members of Al Qaeda hi-jack four commercial airliners....
    • The first plane crashes into the North Tower (Building #1) of the World Trade Center.
    • The second plane crashes into the Pentagon.
    • The third plane crashes into the South Tower (Building #2) of the World Trade Center.
    • Todd Beemer yells, "Let's Roll!" and with a group of people attempt to regain control of the fourth plane, which results in the aircraft crashing in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
  • Al Qaeda was implicated due to a passport that landed on the ground.
  • Usama bin Laden ultimately masterminded the attack due to "crimes against Islam."
  • The Twin Towers collapsed due to heat from the jet fuel burning.
    • The fuel weakened the steel as well as the trusses to cause the buildings to collapse.
  • The rest of the complex was either damaged severely or was destroyed by the resulting collapse of the Twin Towers.
  • The reason for NORAD failing is that the people within the airline companies were so incompetent.

Usama bin Laden supposedly confesses that he planned the entire operation while being taped in Afghanistan, thus incriminating himself and Al Qaeda.  President George Walker Bush and the rest of the adminsitration call for a war on terror.  The arguement: stop terror where it grows, which happens to be in the Middle East.

This section is a simple summary for the time being.  As more information is gathered, the section will be updated.

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