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Picture of people at the edge of the building in NYC after the plane hit.
Everyone Is Invited to Join the Roundtable

Friday, September 9, 2005 -- Thomas Holbrook II

To all 9/11 Researchers, Activists, and Concerned Citizens,

I remember September 11, 2001.  I was in my Senior year of high school in Leeton, Missouri.  At the time, I was coming back from the restroom to my drafting class.  I walked in the classroom and noticed that everyone was silent.  I asked what was going on, but the instructor, who was with the coach the girl's basketball team let me know that I needed to be quiet.  It was then and there that I found out about the planes crashing into the Twin Towers.  I remember the rest of this fateful day.  I went on to the Vocational Technical class in Warrensburg, and the only thing we did was watch the news on television concerning the Twin Towers in New York City.  When I arrived home, I immediately tried to deal with this my own way: I shoved the incident aside and messed around on my computer.  I was intentionally distracting myself from 9/11.

In the days that followed, deep down, I noticed that a full scale investigation was not really being conducted.  We found out very quickly... almost too quickly... that Al Qaeda and Usama bin Laden were the masterminds, according to several news reports and President George Walker Bush.  With the passing of the United States Patriot Act, I then realized that the abuse of humanity within the United States was more likely to happen due to the bypassing of the United States Constitution.

How I became involved in the 9/11 Truth Movement is in and of itself quite strange.  I considered myself a true dissident at the time as I had watched Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine.  Of course, during 2004, there was much media attention in the upcoming film, Fahrenheit 9/11.  However, in August of that year, I saw a flyer outside of a local shop in Warrensburg, Missouri that said that Moore's film left out several key facts that proved that people within the United States Federal Government were actually responsible for the September 11 attacks.  The film that was being referenced was made by an individual named Alex Jones and the film: 911 The Road to Tyranny.  I eventually acquired a copy of the film and began to notice several news reports indicated that investigations were blocked.  There was also interference on the part of the Bush Administration, especially with Executive Order W199I, which George Walker Bush renewed (the Order was originally signed by Bill Clinton) ordering FBI agents to back off.  Robert Wright was even quoted as saying, "...the Bush's vacation with the bin Ladens."  Then there was the information about Building #7, which was not hit by any aircraft, yet it too fell.

Enter January 2005:  I had just launched my own media initiative, th2UnderGroundNews! The first newsletter was published at the end of January of that month.  It left a lot to be desired, but little did I know that I was in for an interesting journey.  I eventually saw the film 911 In Plane Site on the Internet.  At first, I did not believe all of it.  February came and went, then March arrived.  I decided to skip March due in part to laziness and the fact that I had no idea what I was going to cover... that was until my copy of Confronting the Evidence: A Call to Reopen the 9/11 Investigation came in the mail.  The DVD I watched revealed much to me.  I also noticed the release of Victor Thorn's latest book, 9-11 On Trial.  His book relies on information from several researchers, and it points at the distinct possibility that our officials were not telling the entire story when it came to the collapse of the Twin Towers.  I dedicated the next newsletter in March/April to the 9-11 Truth Movement.  I contacted Victor Thorn, and he allowed me to send him some quesitons.  I also contacted Dylan Avery who had just released his film, Loose Change.  He answered some of my questions, which promptly appeared in the March/April newsletter.  I also reviewed another film, Martial Law 9-11: Rise of the Police State, and the DVD from

During this time, an individual at had sent me several DVD's by mail.  The authors of these films basically said that it was okay to copy and distribute these films.  One of those DVD's was 911 In Plane Site: The Director's Cut.  With a television screen, things were much clearer.  I definitely saw the mysterious flash as the second plane hit the South Tower.  I also noticed that there was a severe lack of evidence of a commercial airliner actually hitting the Pentagon.  There was also information concerning the crash in Pennsylvania.  Apparently, the flight that had crashed in the area also turned up in Ohio at the same time (the plane landed due to concerns of explosives being on board).  Later on, I acquired a copy of 9-11 On Trial.  In that book, Victor Thorn claims that the Twin Towers and Building #7 were brought down due to a Controlled Demolition.  Larry Silverstein himself, the owner of the entire World Trade Center at the time, said on the PBS Nova Documentary, "...maybe the smartest thing to do was pull it..."  To say, "pull it" means to demolish a building with explosives.  Silverstein then went on to demand more money from the insurance company on the grounds that each tower counted as a separate attack, despite his comment concerning Building #7.

The amount of evidence is overwhelming.  The possibility of multiple crimes exists.  The possible crimes committed before, on, and after that fateful day include:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Money laundering
  • Insider trading
  • Financial fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Environmental fraud
  • Murder
  • High treason!
How many other people know about a possible alternative story concerning 9/11?  Perhaps there are those who suspect that there is more to the story than meets the eye, yet they are not aware of evidence that actually exists.  While there are already numerous individuals and small groups who are aware of the above crimes that may have possibly been committed, there are still those who may be receptive to this information who are not aware of its existence.  The purpose of Project 9/11 Recall is as follows:

  • To provide a comprehensive resource of information concerning 9/11 for possible newcomers to the Truth Movement scene.  This will include the official story as well as the alternative story.
  • To provide a round table of sorts for 9/11 Researchers who are interested in joining together and giving every bit of information that they have.  Discussions could ensue, and a cohesive report could be compiled and updated as time goes on, more information comes in, and new interpretations of information occur.
  • To provide possible courses of action concerning the alternative story of 9/11 and the evidence that supports it which shall include:
    • Writing to State and National Congressmen and women.  This includes Representatives and Senators.  The main purpose of writing letters would be to express concern about the current war on terror and how 9/11 was used as the foundation for the justification on such an ambiguous war.  A compiled comprehensive report should be included with each and every letter.
    • Writing to local public servants such as mayors, sheriffs, etc...
    • Sharing information with friends and family who are likely to be receptive to this information.
      • Convincing these friends and family members to write to the types of public servants listed above.
    • Ultimately moving to convince an independent committe appointed by the people to hold a real investigation of 9/11.
I hereby invite all researchers, individuals in all media, activists, dissidents, concerned citizens of the United States, and other concerned individuals from around the world to participate in Project 9/11 Recall.  There is plenty of information to look at, and for one person to do it would be an overwhelming task indeed.  By having multiple people looking into multiple angles, information can be obtained rather quickly, and a comprehensive report detailing all the facts can be written and distributed to other people.  Video supplements can be added as well as other forms of multimedia to promote the 9/11 Truth Movement and to convince enough people to call for a true investigation into 9/11.  If you are interested, feel free to contact me.  Please pass this message to as many people as you can.

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